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About Our Guild - Recursion

Welcome to Recursion, a World of Warcraft guild that was founded during the Shadowlands expansion. Our goal is to get Ahead of the Curve each raid tier and has done so ever since. While focusing on heroic raiding, we're always up for a good laugh and enjoying the journey along the way.

Real Life Balance

At Recursion, we understand that real life always comes first. Many of our members are busy with families, careers, other games or other adventures. We respect and value your time, ensuring that our guild is a place where you can escape the daily grind, have fun, and still achieve our common goals in your own pace. Our guild is like a big, supportive family that's always there for one another, both in-game and IRL.

Raid Schedule

Our raiding nights are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM Server Time and last for 3 hours, ending at 11 PM Server Time. We appreciate punctuality, but we also understand that life can throw unexpected surprises your way. We keep the raiding experience light-hearted and focus on having a great time while progressing through the content. Just remember, a well-timed joke can be as effective as a well-timed cooldown!

Our Officer Team

Recursion's officer team consists of 2 thirty-something guys who have responsibilities both inside and outside of World of Warcraft. With a small officer team comes quick decisions and very little hesitance to make decisions to take the guild forward.

Joining Our Guild

If you're a lover of laughter, someone who values a strong and supportive guild community, and also want to clear heroic every tier, then Recursion is the place for you. Join us in creating epic memories, forging friendships, and most importantly, bash on our (lovely) warlocks! Click here to apply!